June 25, 2009

What a Historical Week!

Ok, this historical week began with the passing of Ed McMahon, star of Star Search, cohort of Johnny Carson, and celeb endorser for Prize Patrol. May he rest in peace.

Yesterday, Mark Sanford, beloved (please note the ABSOLUTE sarcasm) governor of the great state of South Carolina announced that he had been having an extra-marital affair. He publicly and nationally embarassed his wife and children, as well as the rest of his family. What is with these politicians? Can they just not keep it zipped up?! Now, I am a pretty liberal person, and I have never thought that it was any of my business or anyone else's (other than the family of person) business if they had an affair when in political office. In my opinion (and I'm sure some will disagree), as long as it does not impede their authority or interfere with their duties or they do not use state time or money to do it, it was ultimately between them and their family. Now whether you are Republican, Democrat, Communist, or what not, you have to admit there has been a revolving door in the political offices. Not every officer of the state has been caught, and maybe not all of them are guilty of adultery, but fact remains that quite a lot of them have committed it in office. In Mr. Sanford (and I do not use the term governor because in my opinion he is no governor or else he would care more about the state than himself or his "ideals") case, he should be IMPEACHED. He RAN away from his duties! He USED state funds to have an affair! He publicly HUMILIATED his wife and children! He PUT his own lofty "ideals" above everyone else in this state's well being! He is UNFIT to be governor! Now many of you may say, this is harsh, but no it's not. He was ELECTED by the good people of this state. They put their TRUST in him and he has a RESPONSIBILITY to the people, not to some woman (who is not his wife) in another country! I do not give a SHIT that he has been under stress or that he feels he let a lot of people down. He screwed around with my tax dollars and everyone else's in this state and the time he should have been on his job figuring out how to help all the poor people in this state. So to you Mark Sanford, may you R.I.P. (rot in peace) and stay out of mine and everyone else's purse.

Today, the beautiful and truly courageous Farrah Fawcett passed away. She was a true inspiration as she fought valiantly against cancer. May she rest in peace with the angels!

Today, another celebrity also passed away. I did not like him, but it is certainly historical, as the POP icon, Michael Jackson collapsed and died. May he rest in peace as well.

Thank you for listening or reading my rantings about Mark Sanford. If you know me, you know I have never liked him and now I like him even less (if that's even possible). I know some people may think I am harsh and may feel that I am judgmental; however, I do not approve of him humiliating his wife in that way. She was humiliated enough by the fact that he cheated on her and he added insult to injury by announcing publicly that she wasn't enough for him. I also do NOT approve of him using state time and funds (whether he reimburses them or not) to carry on this affair. I have no right to tell him what to do with his personal time or money, but every tax paying citizen has the right to cry out over misuse of state time and funds. I hope that no one is seriously offended, if you are, I apologize. I hope everyone has a great weekend and fourth of July. I will be away from the computer for awhile, but will write a lot when I return.

PS...Just an update, my devotional The Power of a Praying Wife is going really well. I finished week 1 and am very inspired!

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