June 22, 2009

Its a Monday

Waking up today, I won't specify how late, I was hurting very badly thanks to mother nature's gift to women and my reoccurring back injury. I finally pull myself out of bed, and make my husband and myself some breakfast. Then I got myself ready to go to town for a lunch date with my dear friend Erica, then on to a meeting to set myself up in my new AVON business. Of course I was excited, but a part of me (the hurting one) just wanted to call everything off, crawl back in bed and curl up. No doing sweetheart.

On my way to Rock Thrill I decided I would call my chiropractor and see if I could be scheduled in after 3. I went and had lunch with Erica at McDonald's. YUMMY. I love their quarter pounder and their AWESOME fries. To top it off, I got a Coke and a caramel sundae. OKAY that was so not a good diet, but it was super yummy and wonderful. I had a great time talking with Erica and comparing notes about life and school. It was so much fun and I was so glad that I dragged my lazy butt out.

Next I went to my AVON meeting. I signed up and am officially an AVON representative. HELLO, to anyone who needs something CALL ME ME ME!!! OK is that a good enough shout out. I am so excited about this and making some extra money. During my meeting, my chiropractor's office calls and tells me to come in whenever I can.

Now I go to the chiropractor's walk straight back and get my back cracked. It was great. Then they put electrodes on my back to massage the muscle tissue. let me just tell you that when I got off that table I could have screamed my back was so tender. Whew. I feel much better so but at that moment I saw stars thanks to my rotated 5th lumbar.

I went to see my g-ma and she is feeling some better. Then I came home and had dinner with my mama. Now I am here watching one of my favorite tv shows The Closer and writing on my blog. Today was great, for a Monday and I look forward to the rest of the week and especially the weekend. Look for more to come this week and remember if you need something from AVON, leave a comment. Peace!


  1. Ok, so I am very, very glad NOT to have yet another friend selling Mary Kay. My Granny was an Avon lady, and so was Jake's grandma, so I've grown up on Avon products... & since Franny doesn't sell it anymore, I have no Avon lady in my life! and I hate Mary Kay. That stuff makes me look like an orange Tammy Faye Bakker and I have umpteen friends & family members selling the expensive junk.

    I'm too poor to buy anything, but when Jake starts making the big bucks (haha, j/k, that'll never happen! LOL) I'll be your best customer. Seriously, all joking aside, whenever I do have the money to spend on Avon, I promise to call! I'll let Mama know too! <3 Good luck with the business!

  2. I love how you post so faithfully, almost every day! You're inspiring me to be better with my own :)