June 01, 2009

A Bad Day and Free Money

OOOHHH! Have you ever had one of those days where you just knew you were being a complete and total b*tch and felt absolutely unable to stop yourself from being it? I mean where one thing goes wrong and it triggers the downfall of moodiness. Where you know in the big scheme of things its no big deal and you are TOTALLY blowing it out of proportion, but you just cannot stop yourself from making this tiny tiny mudhole into a frickin ocean? That is my day today.

I woke up, fixed coffee and my breakfast and my wonderful sweet husband decides that he is going to fix potato pancakes in the kitchen. This was the beginning of the end. Not only does he stand with the refrigerator door open for 10 minutes (I hate this by the way), but he smokes up the ENTIRE (yes the entire) House as he fries these things in hot oil. He doesn't believe in getting something brown, he believes in charring everything and so the house is so smoky that my eyes are red and stinging. When he takes them out, they are black and I mean black as coal. This was the beginning.

Next, I go to have lunch, after I have spent ALL morning cleaning and doing laundry, and the leftover pizza cannot be found. Why is this? Well for one, he didn't bring it home, but for two, our refrigerator was running over. Stuff was not in the proper slot or drawer, was out of the expiration date, was falling out on top of me, and I got very frustrated. Even though I kept saying to myself, its just a small thing, I was feeling as though the whole refrigerator had expanded to our entire kitchen (which might I say isn't big to begin with). We sniped at one another and spent the next two hours pouting like children. Did it stop here? NO because as I said it was one of those days.

Then, he goes to work and of all things apologizes for speaking his mind. Well, then I felt guilty and got mad about feeling guilty. As I told him, it's not a crime to speak your mind in fact, it is encouraged. We don't live in a house where one person is the ruler, we live in an equal loving home where opinions are encouraged.

Then I get dressed and go to town to the bank and to see my g-ma at the nursing home. Ok so this cheered me slightly because she is just a trip and a half. I swear she cracks me up some days. After staying with her for a half hour or so (mind you I go 4-5 times a week), I go home and decide I am going to have a quick siesta to try to shake off the moodiness. WRONG MOVE! I should have known better. I am NOT a happy camper when awakened from my sleep unexpectedly.

I ended up snapping at my baby for stepping on me (Buckley) and then I get woke up by my mother who has brought chicken for supper. Needless to say, the not so smart people at KFC left out my side and gave her coleslaw (YUCK) which I absolutely hate. Well of course I was somewhat put out by the fact that I had nothing but chicken for supper. Ok OK... I was a lot put out, even though as we said earlier, I knew in the scheme of things it was no big deal.

Now it is after supper. I have finished laundry. And, I just finished opening a new savings account at ING Direct. Woman's Day magazine offers a promo good through 6/30/09 that if you open an account with $250, ING will GIVE, yes that's right, GIVE you $25. That is totally Free MONEY! My favorite phrase, though it is an oxymoron. I love free stuff, and this is so simple, it takes 4 steps. Wanna know the best part? The money is FDIC insured. Yes, just like if you went to your bank down the road, and it yields a high interest. As of right now you earn 1.50% which is pretty good compared to local banks. On top of all this, you don't have to leave the money in there for a long time. I think that you can withdraw all of it, including the free $25 after 30 days. That's pretty cool to get $25 for doing nothing.

I went through Woman's Day Magazine to make certain I got my $25 because there isn't a promo code. I just searched for ING Savings and it brought up several articles. Once you find the article, click on the ING ad, and it will take you to the page to open and Orange Savings Account.

So after such a crappy day, pretty much of my own making, I found a GREAT deal which can help me and the hubby out in multiple ways. I also realized that the truth of the matter is, I can start over each hour and change things to have a good day even if the first part was crabby. I don't agree with all those people who say tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it. Yes that is true, but I think it is better to apply it to the current day and say the next minute/hour is a new minute/hour with no mistakes in it. This helps to put things in perspective. Because at the end of the day (or the middle, or the beginning, or anywhere in between after mistakes), you can close your eyes, pray to God, and change the way things are going right that second.

So although my day started off good and went down hill, I gave myself a stern talking to (yes I am one of those people who talks to herself) and said change it now because this isn't who you are/want to be. So instead of continuing on a crappy course, I asked God to help me change the next minute. I took 20 minutes, went outside, admired my flowers (God's creation), and came back with a renewed and refreshed feeling. Now my day will end on a happy calm note, rather than a sour one which I would have to wake up and deal with tomorrow. Thank you Lord for helping me salvage this day.

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