June 09, 2009

Love/Hate...What a Fine Line

I have quite a few things that I LOVE on one hand, while on the other, I hate those same things. I am sure that all ya'll know what I'm talking about. For instance, I love lists. They put things in perspective and helps straighten out your thinking. On the other hand, I hate attempting to be organized. I always get half way through my organization attempts and then ADHD, that I'm convinced I have, kicks in. So now that you know what I mean, as if you didn't already, here's my list (told ya I loved 'em).

1. Gardening - I love to work in my flowers and mow my yard. It is so soothing to me. If I am stressed, I can go work in dirt and plant my flowers and pretty soon I know the solution to all problems (all those but how to attain world peace). On the other hand, I hate frickin' japanese beetles and weed eaters. The japanese beetles eat everything, my roses, my cherry tree, my snowball tree, my geraniums, my hibiscus, etc. The weed eater could make Mother Teresa (if she was still alive) curse and swear. That thing is pure evil and attacks the ground whenever I use it. Because of these things, I ATTACK the beetles with dust and refuse to use the weed eater.

2. Pimples/Zits/Acne - Whatever you call them, they mar your face. I hate them. Sometimes they are painful and it always happens that when you have a big important date or appointment, they appear. IT NEVER FAILS. On the other hand, I love my new face wash by Neutrogena. It is the grapefruit oil free acne wash. It smells so clean and fresh and makes my face feel the same way.

3. Shaving - I love the way my legs feel when I shave. They feel so smooth and it makes you feel sexy ;-) . On the other hand, I hate the act of shaving. It takes up precious time, and if I rush, I always nick myself somewhere.

4. Cooking - I love to cook. I like to put things together and find them tasty. Its so fun, almost like a puzzle. On the other hand, I hate to clean up. I hate to clean up the dishes and the pans that I mess up in the process of cooking.

5. Work - I love making OT pay. I love my husband making double time. I do not however love working 10 hours a day, nor do I love not seeing my husband but 10 minutes a day. :-)

These are just a few of the things that I have a love/hate relationship with. One thing that I LOVE without any HATE relationship is Will Smith and Martin Lawrence movies, especially Bad Boys and Bad Boys II. As of right now, I am watching Bad Boys II and laughing so hard I can't hardly see, but ewwww I just got to the yucky part where the drug guy cut up the mafia guy. EWWWW!

So as I was saying these are some of the things I have a love/hate relationship with, and I'm sure I will come across more. Do you have any of those?


  1. Um, my number one? SCHOOL.
    I'm at a point where I want it all over, to be graduated and finished,and I hate the work, studying, and driving, but at the same time I want to keep going and learning new stuff, meeting new people, and hanging out with friends... not to mention it keeps me from having to deal with the whole sorry-no-jobs-here-because-the-economy-is-in-the-crapper problem!

  2. Thunderstorms! LOVE sleeping through them...it's just like a lullaby, but oh how I hate driving in them, dealing with the mud, or trying to be even semi-productive when they create conditions that are so perfect for reading and napping!