June 17, 2009

Mini-Tornado 2009

Ok so yesterday was quite eventful! To say the least! The Lord decided I didn't need quite so many trees, and to send my husband a wake up call that he should NOT put things off. LOL. We experienced a tornado. Of course, the meteorologists say it could have been micro verse winds (does anyone know what the heck those are?) which were responsible for the demolition and destruction. YEAH RIGHT! At any rate, the back end of my husband's tahoe was demolished, my three-tiered planter crushed, and 3 trees put to the ground. See all the loveliness below!

So a friend came and sawed up the trees, while another friend moved them out of the way with his tractor. In the meantime, my good friend Bri calls worried asking if we needed help. I am so grateful for our friends. The old saying is true that good friends are worth more than money. So a little shout out to Bri and her sweet dad for offering assistance. Thank you guys!!! And a special thanks to Mr. Charles, Tony, Linda, and my mom for all the help. I couldn't have done it without ya'll!

But the best is yet to come because no one was hurt. My mom, who lives next door and had 2 trees twisted off and her willow tree uprooted, was fine. My husband, who was at work the whole time, was ok. My puppies and myself were all ok, as were the rest of our friends and family, so folks, we are still blessed. Wrecked tahoe, holey yard, broken planter, and all! I'll take all that anyday over injured friends and family.

Today, I was very successful. I finished writing a huge letter of complaint, scheduled my appointment to become an AVON representative (anyone need anything, call me), and reassured everyone that we are truly ok after yesterday. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but considering I am a goof off, it is. I am so excited about selling AVON. It will be some extra income and I will get to meet new people. Maybe I can be a positive influence on others.

I am also excited about this website I found. It is called Christian books. Basically they sell Christian Music, Books, Teaching Materials, etc. at cheaper prices. I bought 5 books for $24 bucks plus shipping and handling. One of the books was $1.99 so that was a great deal. You can get almost anything on there. From Bibles to fiction to clothing, they have it. As always, the link is at the bottom of my blog page, so check it out. It's great!

Everyone have a wonderful day!

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  1. You are so inspiring, girl! All that weather mess and dumb luck & you're still up & about, smiling & praising & rejoicing!

    Love you!

    PS- I learned about microbursts in my geology class last semester. Microbursts are when the pressure drops and makes this big tall column of wind coming down as the pressure falls. They can be as much as 100 mph and the cause "straight line winds." It's like the force of a tornado, without the rotation. Daddy said that's what we had at Grandma's and I saw the rain blow sideways in a line, so I figured he was right... They're just as dangerous as tornadoes- so I'm thankful we all were safe!