May 29, 2009

SuperCook...Check It Out

Ok...I found this phenomenal recipe website. Its called SuperCook. I posted the link below in my link section but here it is as well supercook.

On here you input the ingredients you have in your house and it will locate recipes which use those ingredients. This is great if you are like myself and have to stretch every dollar. (Bri, I thought you might like it for recipe planning or for stretching those groceries out on that 3rd week) On weeks when you are running low on groceries and can't think of anything to cook, you can input the items you have and come up with something to cook. It will also tell you if you need something you didn't input. For instance, I input ground beef, cream of mushroom, and butter and was given 3 recipes which used only those ingredients (some or all of them). One recipe was for creamy sloppy joes.

The best parts about the site is you can create your own recipe album and add those that you like to it. The other best part is it gives you the complete nutritional value, just like you would find on a box of crackers. This makes it super easy to eat healthy. This is a great site and I highly recommend it to all.

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  1. BROOKE! THANKS SOOOO MUCH! This is UHHH-MAZINGG! This is EXACTLY what I need on that third (and maybe 4th now, lol) week!