May 20, 2009

Love List

Ok, so I have like a list of things that I have realized today I absolutely LOVE. Here goes.

1. Woman's Day magazine (see my link at the bottom of the page) - they offer uplifting advice, money saving tips, and wonderful recipes. I receive the magazine in the mail, but their website is just as good. They also offer a free $25 to anyone who opens an online savings account with ING Direct. Who can beat that? As the old saying goes, if it's free it's for me!

2. Dirty Dancing (the movie) - ok Jennifer Gray is a bit corny, but it just sends chills down my spine when Patrick Swayze says "Nobody puts Baby in a corner". OHHH! How romantic and sexy.

3. Rereading novels I am absolutely familiar with. Ok so I can probably recite many of the scenes, but they are still as good the second, third, fourth, nineteenth time around.

4. Summer vacation - no school, freedom to goof off, fun straw purses and hats, need I go on?

5. My mommy's macaroni and cheese - let me just say that NO one can make it like my momma. She gets just enough cheese in there. Ok so I will probably have clogged arteries by the time I'm 30 from all the butter and cheese, but let's face's worth it totally! OMG it is so super yummy!

6. Friend time - my hubby and I have gotten lots of invitations to lots of fun stuff this summer already. I can't wait for all my times out. Fun Fun Fun

7. Wine - any kind, just about, from white to blush to merlot. all are yummy and I am desperately in need of restocking my cabinet and I so need to get to Biltmore to get their Spring Festival wine. It was great last year so I'm sure it is this year too.

8. Golden Girls - YES I am a serious addict, to the point that I own the first three seasons on DVD and would own all of them if I could afford it. It doesn't matter how bad my day is, I can come home, watch them and all is right with my world. Who could help but laugh at a tramp, an airhead, a bossy woman, and in Dorothy's words about Sophia a "little sea monkey"?

9. Rocking out as I drive down the road (trying not to speed) - I mean what is better than cranking up the stereo, putting the windown down, and having the wind blow in your hair. Dierks Bentley, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Montgomery Gentry, etc. Oh it's wonderful to end a day like this.

10. Finally, but not last or least something I think is so true, "God is great, Beer is good, and People are crazy". This is a country song by Billy Currington and just awesome because folks, believe it or not, GOD IS GREAT. He answers our prayers and loves us unconditionally. He forgives us and allows us to live this wonderful live everyday. Beer is good if you have an acquired taste for it. I like it but am picky about what kind it is. And PEOPLE are crazy :-) Being crazy isn't necessarily bad, maybe you are just crazy about life, or your family, or your job. At any rate, this song is wonderfully true.

These are the 10 things that I realized today I absolutely love. Here's a quest, see if you can think of 10 off the wall things you love (other than family, pets, and friends). Bet you can, and you will definitely smile as you think of them.


  1. Oh my goodness, another Golden Girls fan! I grew up watching that show with my mom and older sisters. You can't beat it :)

  2. Haha! I love you, Brooke!!!!! I LOVE Woman's Day. And wine... and rereading favorite books... and ROCKING OUT as you drive down the road! Gosh, windows down and the radio up ridiculously loud ( particularly if it's a classic rock ballad) singing at the top of my lungs and speeding in the left lane CURES any problem I have!