August 20, 2009

Lack of Motivation and the Beginning of School

I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile. It has been crazy. College starts Monday and I think I am just pretending that it won't start. I haven't bought textbooks. I haven't put anything together. I haven't finished cleaning my house. UGH!

I have no motivation. All I have done this month, is go out of town, bake two cakes, go to the pool, sleep, and read. Let me tell you, this doesn't accomplish anything. I have such senioritis (can I get a heck yeah?). I am just dreaming about this time next year when I will hopefully have a full time teaching position and can start trying to have a baby.

Oh well, I know it will pass quickly enough and I should enjoy it. I will be interning in a middle school this semester (please pray for me). I am really nervous about teaching. I have always been pretty good at it, but when your LIFE depends on it (and I'm talking career, not death) it is a lot to worry about. I just pray I will do a good job.

I will keep everyone updated on how I do in middle school, but please keep me in your prayers.

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