August 05, 2009

AAARRGGHH!!! Idiocy abounds!

Ok, I do not usually use my blog to just vent vent vent, but I am making an exception. I am so sick and tired of the idiocy that some people possess. In one day, I have had a family member be so dramatic about something so small that when my husband and I were contacted we worried for 3 hours thinking this person had some sort of life endangering disease! Then we found out the truth and were like "ARE YOU SERIOUS?! This is what all the fuss was over?"

Then, as if this is not bad enough I call my pharmacy to check on my auto-refill and was told "oh it was filled 2 days ago, didn't they call you?" Ummm hello, no they didn't or else I wouldn't be calling you asking why it wasn't filled yet! And the final nail in the coffin today came from my insurance agent.

I won't name his frickin' name, but should he read this, he will know who he is. I contacted him on 7/10 to cancel insurance on my husband's tahoe since it was totaled from a tornado (see blog in June). He tells me that it is cancelled and he back dated it to 6/16. Thank you so much I say. I really appreciate it. Today, I found out he cancelled ALL my auto insurance! Every last stinkin' frickin' bit of it. I have been driving around with no insurance since 7/10 and was unaware of it. AAARRRGGGHHH!! What if I had been in a wreck and hurt someone? I could have been sued, jailed, and made to serve time. At the very least, just not having insurance would have earned me a nice whopping $500 fine from SC.

As you can tell it has been a day for the idiots. Well, idiots go back into your holes or rocks or caves that you came from and stay away from me. I have had all of your stupidity I can stand and I forbid you to come out for the rest of the year!!!! (like that will work, but thanks for listening to me rant and rave)

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