August 20, 2009

Planet DVD Store

Ok word of warning to anyone who is trying to save money...which in these days, who isn't. Do not EVER buy DVD's from Planet DVD . They are fraudulent.

I purchased the 7th Heaven full series from them. I was shown the true picture of what the boxes look like in store. When they came to my house, they were shipped from China and they were in 3 boxes, rather than 7. The cover of the box was a washed out pink color, obviously not what was shown. The numbers were handwritten on the dvd's as to what was what. These were clear bootleg copies.

According to Planet DVD they will refund all my money except shipping. We will see because I sent them a nasty letter telling them if I didn't receive a refund then I would take it to the proper authorities. I will keep you updated, but please beware of them as they are fraudulent dvd's.


  1. You need to get back to blogging! In fact... I gave you a blog award! Go look on my blog! :)
    Love you!

  2. I gave you another award- hoping you get back to sharing your antics! I miss you!