July 20, 2009

Cakes, Housework, and New Furniture

I haven't written anything in awhile; however, I have been a baking queen. In the last week I have baked 4 cakes. I baked 2 Black Russian Cakes, 1 Sock It To Me Cake, and 1 Mandarin Orange Cake (recipe from my friend Briana, see left). They have all received rave reviews (excepting the Mandarin Orange Cake which noone has tasted as I just made it). Apparently they were so good my husband thinks I should open a bakery, and the 2nd Black Russian Cake came about as a request from a family friend after they tasted the first one.

I don't know about a bakery, but I sure do like the art of it. It peacifies (is that a word and if so, is it spelled right) and relaxes me. I really enjoy it, and have had quite a bit of time for it since I no longer work. I also seem to have quite a lot of time to clean house and everything else. I tell you I do not know how everything got done when I worked fullish time. Oh yeah, my husband helped me! Now that I don't work, I told him I would do the housework as that was only fair. As long as he made the money, I would keep the yard and house up. I think I made a mistake. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing it, but it would be nice if occassionally he would wash the dishes (with all the baking there ends of being 2 -3 loads a day). Oh well! C'est la vie!

I also think I made a 2nd mistake by buying a new couch with a recliner on either end. A week and a half ago, I went and got a new couch and oversized chair. Our couch had a broken frame. It sat you on the floor almost. So in the interest of giving my hard working husband a comfy seat and our house a nice look, I went and found this gorgeous couch which is fabric but looks like distressed leather. It is so soft and very comfy. We got a paisley chair (which is huge) to match it and it completely changed the look of our house. Anyways, now my husband loves it so much I have to have a crowbar to pry him up. I swear he would eat, sleep, and stay on that recliner if allowed. Which reverts back to the afore mentioned paragraph which says he doesn't help, and that recliner is part of the problem. Oh well, he works hard at work and I am thankful for that and the fact that he has a job.

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  1. LOOOOOVE the new furniture!

    And you gotta tell me how much you loved Grandma's cake!